About Us

Who we are...

Hostcrate.com/.stream/.net is a privately owned company that primarily offers shoutcast streaming services though we do offer web hosting. Hostcrate was founded on May 4th, 2008 in a little apartment in Tampa, Florida by "Lexxi", the pseudonym and Second Life name of the owner whose real name is Misty. *Yes, you may call me by actual name if you want to ;)*

Since 2008, Hostcrate has successfully grown into a very well established name in the wonderful virtual world of Second Life and in the real world as well. After successfully establishing Hostcrate in the outside world, it was decided to bring the company into the virtual world (Second Life) to give not only quality services but quality customer service which seemed to be lacking inworld for DJ's, Musicians, Clubs, Performers, Land Owners, and the like. That was until we hit the grid with our amazing staff, stable, quality service! Ten years+ later, we are STILL providing amazing service and customer service which you can see just by visiting our facebook page with the testimonials. We are here to stay and we are here to give our customers the same respect/customer service that we, ourselves, would want in a service provider.

Hostcrate prides itself in offering the best humanly possible customer service in the hosting industry and the best quality services to which we offer. We have NO DEBT and we put revenue right back into the business in order to further grow and offer new features to our amazing, loyal customers (some to which have been with us from the start and we're excited, blessed, and appreciative to be able to say that!!).

To further assist in making our services affordable to our customers, we have advertisements placed throughtout our website(s). This makes it where we can keep our overhead as low as possible and put even more revenue on growth. We do not believe any other hosting providers does this and we're proud to say that we go that extra mile to make our customers happy with our services AND our affordable prices!

The official website and all social media information for Hostcrate is listed on this website. If you find any other "provider"/"services" with our name any where else on the internet, please know THAT IS NOT US SO PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM!